RFStudioProduction – Hot topless duo – Whimsy tickles Kristina with oil

In this clip, a very hot couple, Whimsy and Kristina , are featured. Kristina is securely fixed in stocks in an X position with all her toes tied to the stock frame. Kristina is very ticklish and giggles and squeals with literally every touch.

Approaching the restrained Kristina, Whimsy’s task is to thoroughly tickle her friend. Whimsy starts gently caressing Kristina’s body and tits, tickling and caressing them. Kristina begins to laugh infectiously, catching Whimsy off guard as she did not expect such a lively reaction.

The tickler applies oil to Kristina’s boobs and body, moving on to a more serious tickling, deriving pleasure from it. Kristina proves to be an excellent tickle target, and Whimsy thoroughly enjoys it. Whimsy tickles Kristina’s upper body and then moves on to her feet, tickling the big bare soft soles with a comb, quite intensively. Kristina is back at it, squirming, squealing, and laughing, creating an amazing spectacle.

Next, Whimsy returns to Kristina’s upper body, holding a sharp spur – a Wartenberg pinwheel. She sensually glides it over Kristina’s tits, armpits, abdomen, and thighs, providing her with intense pleasure accompanied by sweet moans. Enjoy!

Length: 16:14
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Hot topless duo – Whimsy tickles Kristina with oil

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