RFStudioProduction – Lessons of good behavior for Miss Sensity and flogging in handcuffs from Lisenok

Lisenok takes up her favorite pastime again! This time she teaches Miss Sensity good manners and shows us her beautiful body. And of course, she will tickle her, because she is very sensitive to it. She’s also going to punish a beautiful girl and restrain her with handcuffs.

First, leading her beautiful slave on a leash, Lisenok walks with her a couple of circles around the room. Then she tells her to wait and removes the rest of the clothing from Miss Sensity’s gorgeous body.
Then she slaps her on her breasts, stomach, and a little between her legs. Miss Sensity moans, either in fear or pleasure.

Then Lisenok tickles the girl’s body and then runs a feather along her tanned back. She is pleased with her slave and she tells her to get on all fours so that her feet are together. Lisenok makes several blows on the soles with a short belt. Then she slaps Miss Sensity’s feet and ass with another device, and then intensely tickles her sides, so that the charming slave can hardly restrain herself.

Later, Lisenok leads the girl to the wall and tells her to put her hands behind her back and not turn around. Lisenok handcuffs her wrists and watches, sitting on a chair, how the cutie stands alone.
After that, Lisenok inserts a ballgag into her mouth and slaps her body with a small whip.
Then Lisenok puts metal handcuffs on the girl’s ankles. Now Miss Sensity is in a predicament position. Lisenok pushes the slave upside down on her knees and positions her feet towards her so that it’s convenient to flog them with a paddle.

She then tickles her big tits and sides. Miss Sensity moans from tickling, and Lisenok takes a sharp device and runs it over her slave’s feet. Then, she leaves the girl alone.
When she returns, she punishes the cutie again, spanks her juicy ass, and then cuffs her legs and arms together and tickles her whole body. Lisenok enjoys groans and cries of the beauty. After that, she again leaves the girl alone for some struggling in a tight hog-cuff.

Length: 31:53
Resolution: 1920×1080

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