RFStudioProduction – Volchenok – Ultra-intensive upper body tickling from a little sadist Madoka

I must state that this clip is not suitable for fans of light tickling, as right in the center of the frame, Volchenok is tied up by the hands and feet in the “I” pose, with Madoka by her side. This duo always makes our neighbors worry about whether everything is okay behind their wall 🙂

The thing is, Volchenok reacts unusually to tickling. She loves it and even asks to be tickled. But, tickling has such an effect on her that her brain starts generating not only meaningless sounds, but also fragments of words and phrases, involuntary jerking, screaming, and very funny facial expressions, regardless of the intensity of the tickling. In other words, it’s very difficult to find the limit and lower the tickle threshold for Little Wolf in time, because tickling her is a very amusing and entertaining thing. And as usual, Madoka ignores this because Volchenok’s reaction draws her further into the tickling process.

Adding to all of the above, the fact that Madoka herself is sometimes extremely hungry for tormenting cute girls, and we get what we get. For 20 minutes, Madoka tickles Volchenok’s upper body with tickling, and she reacts fervently and desperately, providing feedback with shrieks, screams, and pleas.

Sometimes I feel awkward in such moments and afterward, but after these sessions, Volchenok is totally fine. I mean, she herself gravitates towards such actions directed at her, and sometimes she needs it, apparently to recharge from the everyday routine. Enjoy!

Length: 19:58
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Volchenok – Ultra-intensive upper body tickling from a little sadist Madoka

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