RFStudioProduction – Xena gets inescapably tickled on our new chair

Finally, we’ve got a brutal bondage chair for tickling and not only. The idea to create it was pushed by a longtime fan of ours, who is fond of fetish comics.
Xena will be the first model that tests this new chair. When she saw it, she didn’t take her eyes off it for some time, she liked it aesthetically and it also pushed her imagination to all kinds of fantasies that could be realized with the help of this chair.

Well, Xena found herself very tightly fastened by her arms and legs, and even her hair was tied to the bar of the chair so that she couldn’t move her head too much. Her mouth was wide open as it was gagged with a large ball gag.
In the first scene, my hands appear from behind the back of the chair and begin to tickle her sides. Xena sweats quickly and it’s easy for me to wade my fingers to her armpits and count her ribs. Xena tries to twitch, but she has no chance of dodging my strong fingers.

In the second scene, I tickle her bare feet from below, not only with my hands but also with other devices, such as hairbrushes and electric toothbrushes. Xena’s toes are all tied, so she can’t hide the feet of my tickling hands. I want to point out that her feet are very sensitive and she is a real godsend for a tickling fan.
Damn it, this is so hot to see how Xena is covered with sweat, drooling, and tears, she screams so heart-rendingly and excitingly at the manipulation with her soles that it simply cannot but excite a tickling sadist.
Especially a Wartenberg’s pinwheel drives her crazy, because her feet have become even more sensitive from tickling, and she literally feels the effect of this needle wheel with her whole body. Be sure to check out the preview!
It was also revealed that Xena is afraid to walk on the hot sand of the beach and barefoot in a forest because she has extremely sensitive soles.

Summing up, I can say that she endured the upper body tickling with dignity, but the tickling of her bare feet literally drove her to madness. She screamed and squealed loud, juicy, and sexy. A special highlight of the program was the pinwheel, from which Xena began to squeak loudly and sweat and drool even more.
After this shooting, Xena lay and rested for a long time, nevertheless, Xena was very pleased and said that now she needed a good foot massage, but this is without cameras 🙂

Length: 17:05
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Xena gets inescapably tickled on our new chair

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