RomyFetish – April O’Neil tickle interrogation

The famous reporter April O’Neil has been caught by Don Turtelli and his crew, who are looking for a special Kimono.
She knows where the Kimono is hidden, and her ennemy is determined to get her to confess to the exact location with his special method : tickling.
He tickles her barefoot with feathers and fingers.
April is brave, but she can’t stand the tickling, her feet are way too sensitive!
The journalist ends up confessing and releasing the information.
Unfortunately for her, Don Turtelli is a sadistic man, and enjoys having the famous April O’Neil at his mercy.
He sends his men to steal the kimono, while he has fun with his guest by tickling her armpits, bellybutton, her ribs and her feet.
The poor April won’t be saved by her friends Ninja Turtles this time…

Length: 20:19
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – April O’Neil tickle interrogation

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