RomyFetish – Intense tickling interrogation for captive DEA agent Romy

Romy is an undercover agent from the DEA. Her task is to infiltrate a dangerous organisation in crime, she managed to do it but let’s say things didn’t go as planned… She got caught, and now she is in a basement to explain herself about the information that leaked. Her bosses are mad, and first she spent a little time with the muscle named Boris. But his “archaic” method didn’t work, Romy didn’t say anything for now. So, they decided to move on a different way to interrogate her. She is brought by Boris to two interrogation specialists of the organisation. And they planned an hardcore tickling interrogation in order to make her talk. So first, Romy is sit on a chair, her ankles are tied to a small table, and they begin the interrogation with tickling on her socks. Then they take them off and tickle her barefeet, and oil them as well. Romy laughs and begs under her tape gag, but she still doesn’t want to talk.

So the crew is heading on a much more harder punishment : they tie her toes spread so she can’t move, and they tickle with their nails, paintbrush, electric toothbrush and many other tools. Romy is tired, she can’t resist this extreme tickling until she fainted. Both ticklers let her rest, and then come back with some fresh water to wake her up, and tie her on reverse on the chair, and tickler her again with all the tools to break her.

So, will Romy talk after all this ?

Length: 36:22
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Intense tickling interrogation for captive DEA agent Romy

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