RussianFetish – A ticklish curse for a mummy – Egyptian style

Let’s move to the Egyptian atmosphere where the chief priestess sits in her possessions and meditates, waiting for news of what is happening around. Her close concubine is a charming blonde, she lights up a candle and lies next to her mistress. She informs her that a traitor to their temple was found – “What to do with her?”
– “Bring her to me!” - Says the priestess.
Humbly walking, the traitor is taken to the temple in chains – now she has to pass a rite of punishment. The priestess rubs the skull and stops the meditation, she stands up behind the guilty girl and puts a special ointment over her forehead. Now she slowly begins to bandage her head.
Some time later, the traitor is completely wrapped like a mummy – only her breasts and feet are naked. She’s prepared for the torture. The priestess slowly tickles her with feather, and the concubine tortures her feet with feathers as well.
The girl laughs wildly and it was a real torture for her. Her breasts tremble, and her nipples swell from big feather. The concubine begins to lick her toes, biting and tickling. Licking her big toes and playing with her tongue between the toes. This lasts a few minutes. That was a terrible torture for the poor victim.
After that, the priestess begins to tickle the nipples of the victim and her armpits even more strongly – she laughs very loudly and torments in agony.
At the end they torture her with feathers, tickle her sides and breasts. And the concubine enjoys and bites her heels and tickles her feet with the tongue.
Now they stop. But who knows what will happen to the traitor later…

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