RussianFetish – Anush’s One hour Sensual tickling with strong arousal and cream

To your attention here’s a very long session with tickling the charming and modest Anush.
Everything begins with a romantic biting her ear and she becomes very sensitive and ticklish. She is standing, dressed in a shirt and jeans, laughs and gets embarrassed.
I start biting her neck and tickling her sides, then I lift her shirt and tickle her tanned tummy with my lips.
Then we sit down on the couch, I lift her hands up and tickle her armpits through the shirt. She is very sensitive at this moment.
I slowly unbutton her shirt and start tickling again, squeezing her breasts. Next, I put her on the back and begin to tickle and kiss her belly. Anush moans sexually and laughs. It was wildly sexy!
Next, I put her on the stomach and take off her sneakers and socks, then I see her small soft feet, which are very delicate. I tickle her feet with my fingers and beard. Then I start biting and licking her toes. Anush is very excited and moans, she wriggles and wants to escape from pleasure.
I bite her feet and lick her toes – they are very soft and sexy. I don’t want to leave her…
Then Anush slips to the floor and here I continue to tickle and bite her feet, and she laughs on the floor.
After that I tickle her tummy and sides and again move to her neck – she is already in one shirt and I gently bite her neck and tickle her ear, and drive hands over her armpits so slowly that it drives her crazy.
After that, Anush sits down on the bed and takes off her shirt and lies down. After that, I tie her hands and feet to the bed. She is in bra and jeans now.
I go up to her and begin to enjoy her body – tickle her tanned sides. I torture her armpits and bite and lick her whole body. Anush is in agony from tickling and pleasure.
Next, I take off her bra and begin to lick her nipples and tickle the whole body with my tongue – I close her mouth with my hand when she laughs and groans a lot. Then I tickle her again without stopping.
Then I take a cream and smear her tits and armpits – I begin to lick the cream and tickle her with the tip of my tongue over her nipples and armpits so that she is wildly ticklish. She reacts to tickling very violently, like an orgasm.
After I licked it all, I unbuttoned her jeans and start tickling her under panties – Anush gets a super pleasure and wants more. I tickle her then massage under the panties. I run my finger over her pussy. I torment her with a passionate tickle – I again bite her neck and drive her crazy until I had to stop. I kiss her and then go away to take her some rest.

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Duration: 01:04:01
Size: 4 257,033 Mb

Download – Anush’s One hour Sensual tickling with strong arousal and cream

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