RussianFetish – Dog’s Research or cheating of a girl – It’s TICKLING!

Scenario: Rose arrives at a research clinic to help on a study about however unknown to her it was actually a ploy setup by her tickle admirer. She sits by the waiting area and takes a sip of water and reads a magazine all the while dangling her shoes. The "researcher" calls on her to follow him, but she gets dizzy and stumbles in to his arms.

Character Profiles:
• Rose: Innocent, classy girl next door type of girl whose scared of the ordeal and doesn't want to get tickled
• Tickler/"Research": is a bit sadistic, constantly lying to Rose about letting her going. Making her beg and playing games with her.

White blouse, red heels, jeans shorts.

• Upperbody: Rose wakes up with her shoes on in stocks and her hands tied above her head. Scared and confused she asks the man what’s going on. The man tells her that the doggy research is actually setup with the real research being about her ticklishness. Rose now more scared begs with the research to not tickle her but seeing her beg excites him even more. He begins tickling her sides for a few minutes and tells her he feels "bad" and will let her go if she tells him her tickle spots that will help his research. Scared at first but she eventually complies. She tells him the areas of her upperbody that tickles the most including her legs.

• Feet Tickling: After the upperbody spots have been discovered. Rose thinks they are done but the tickler glides down and tries to remove Rose’s shoes which she protests and tries her best to keep the shoes on. But the research says this research has to include her feet and forcibly removes her shoes. Same as before, she tells him the areas of her feet that tickle the most. But throwing her by surprise he throws in some tools and asks her which of those tickle the most. Then adds oil or lotion to the mix. He taunts her by saying he's done but continues to tickle her. After they are "done" (moving to next segment) he cleans her feet with her protesting him not to. 

• Lickling/Nibbling: With her feet clean the researcher asks: "I wonder if your feet tastes as good". The man starts nibbling her feet to tickle her. Getting to her toes and nibbling her soles.

Ending: The tickler gets up and grabs Rose’s shoes. Rose thinking they are done and that he's going to put them on for her says “Thank goodness we are done” but the tickler replies.

• Tickler: "Oh no, I’m not letting you go, your mine and these are my new favorite toys!"
• Rose "What? No, I'm not your's and they are my feet"
• Tickler: "Yours? Weird because they have my name on them” *Starts writing* with a quil of a feather or pen. "RF Custom"

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 11980 kbps, 25.000 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 125 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 23:23.360
Size: 2 025,139 Mb

Download – Dog's Research or cheating of a girl – It's TICKLING!

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