RussianFetish – Don’t open the door for strangers, honey! Fetish movie

By request
An hour length fetish film for tickling fans.
Tree young barefoot girlfriends are tickled there, first by two guys-ticklers, and then two girls get tickled by their friend – traitor.

Leya, Fekla, Tonya – tank top, shorts, first socks, then barefoot.

Three young girlfriends return home.
But a ticker maniac has already tracked them down! He calls someone on the phone, seeing how the girls go home.
– “Birds in a cage”

Then we see the video from the surveillance camera
The girls are already at home, sitting on the bed and chatting. They already changed into shorts and tank tops.
Suddenly, a knock at the door – pizza delivery.
Tonya opens and the courier sticks a in her face. Girls are in panic!
Then he calls his partner and together they bind the girlfriends on the bed.
They put ballgags in their mouths, but the girls resist. Then they decide to tape their mouths with a tape. Then they put them to sleep and go to make sure everything is clean.

Then the view from the main camera
Three girlfriends are hogtied on the bed, they wake up and try to tear off the tape from their mouths. Helping each other they do it. Then maniacs come back. They take girls’ socks off and start to tickle the feet of all three.
One of the guys is constantly biting their toes, which makes girls go crazy. Very ticklish!!!
All three girls are insanely ticklish on their feet. They scream very loudly. As a result, one guy handgag a girl, and the second tickles her feet furiously. The girls are asked to stop and burst into laughter.
Then one of the girls (Tonya) asks to untie her, in exchange for loyalty to maniacs. She betrays her friends!
Tonya is untied and now she agrees to do whatever she is told. Her friends are in a rage, they Tonya with curses.

Next, we see Leya and Fekla with their feet tied to the bench, feet forward to the camera. They are tied by duct tape. Tonya tickles their feet, and the girls curse her for that.
Tonya tickles the feet of her ex-friends with her hands and a massage brush. They are furious and hate her for that!
Then Tonya begins to lick and bite their toes, from which the girls go crazy. It feels nice but they still hate Tonya, because she betrayed them.

Then the guys return and shortly tickle Leya and Fekla. They thank Tonya for the good work. Tonya sits between the bound girlfriends and demonstrates her feet. She teases them and is very pleased with herself.

Then again the view from the surveillance camera.
The guys say that it’s time for them to leave. They ask Tonya to watch the girls.
As Tonya was sweating heavily while she tickled her friends, she decided to go to the shower. She hopes that Leya and Fekla will not be able to get out.
But she was mistaken! The girls are freed from tape and hide.
When Tonya emerges from the bathroom, the girls attack her and we see a fight scene on the bed.

View from the main camera
Tonya is hogtied on the bed and her ex-friends are tickling her. It’s sweet revenge! Tonya is very ticklish on her feet, she begs them to stop. But they do not care. They tickle her feet, tease her and bite her toes together.
Tonya curses them, asks to stop and is angry with them again.
As a result, the girlfriends say that they are ready to forgive her if she licks their toes. Tonya agrees and already licks Leya’s toes, then Fekla’s. They really like it, they go crazy with pleasant ticklish sensations…
When the girls enjoyed licking their toes, they didn’t begin to untie Tonya.
“Rest here bitch” – they say and leave.
Tonya is furious, she was deceived and left to lie hogtied on the bed. She is feisty, curses her friends, but can’t get out and wiggles as hell with anger and helplessness.

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 6982 kbps, 24.000 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 317 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 1:04:43
Size: 3 378,38 Mb

Download – Don’t open the door for strangers, honey! Fetish movie

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