RussianFetish – Payback! Where is my money? Fetish Movie

This is custom video, it was made based on the script from our customer.
57 minutes length fetish film (with English subtitles) for bondage and tickling fans, including bondage in action, toe-ties and beautiful girl’s feet.

Outfit: Tight jeans, short top / topless, barefoot.

Details: Tying on screen with rope, big toes tied by a very thin long string. Breast-roping. Gagged.

Burglar Karina is home, she hears some knocking at her door. Thinking nothing bad, opens the door when a masked man pushes her inside and overtakes the perplexed Karina and brings her to the bedroom where she gets pushed on the bed.

Karina kneels on the bed with already tied hands, legs and feet, he gages her with a few stripes of tape over her mouth. Up the top and breast-ropes her, puts her down, hogties her, goes behind her legs ties her big toes together. Then he leaves her for some wriggling alone. Later he returns, starts to tickle her and asks her if she remember him. Takes of her gag, Karina tells him to fuck off or she will call for help.
“Oh no you won’t” – he puts a ball gag in her mouth and tells her that he will get her when everything is ready, leaves her alone for a short time, Karina struggles like hell. He returns, unties her form hogtie and toe-tie, makes a choker from the rope around her neck and forces the feisty one to hop around a bit and next to a bench, Karina thinks what the hell?..

Karina is already tied onto the bank, he hogties her, ties her wriggling big toes. He tickles her with a feather and brush, asks again if she as any idea. She shakes her head. He takes off his mask and she understands…
“So you remember the last job we made together, you took all the money and I got caught? Well now I want my money where is it, bitch?”
No reaction from Karina. He puts some oil on her soles and lubricates her soles and then goes on with the tickling. Then he adds another string from her tied toes to the rope coming down. After some more tickling she tells him that money is hidden in the basement. Great so you will show me and starts to untie her.

Karina has only tied hands, he leaves with her the apartment, going down the stairs to the basement. She tells him where is the money and he goes to take it. She runs away. She comes running up the stairs to her apartment, opens the door with her tied hands and breast-ropes and immediately ties to close it from inside. Unfortunately she’s a little too slow and his able to enter again and overtake her at the last moment.

Karina is sitting on the table with already tied hands and legs and tells him that he got his money and this isn’t necessary while his tying her feet.
“It’s no so easy, girl. I want to give you one more lesson!”
He puts tape over her mouth to really keep her silent, yes it its, payback-time! Up her top, breast ropes her, forces her on the table puts her in a tight hogtie, ties her wriggling big toes tight together with a thin long string. He leaves her for some struggling alone. Later he come back and asks her how she feels, Karina is pissed. To make her furious he adds another thin long string from her tied toes to her tied arms. Tickles her soles and tells her that she shouldn’t have left him behind then leaves her alone for the final struggling. Her feet got a big bunch of the tickling today.
“Okay, girl, I’m leaving, good luck!”
Karina tries to stop him with crying but she is alone, hogtied and struggling…

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 4659 kbps, 23.976 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 317 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 57:02.460
Size: 2 030,42 Mb

Download – Payback! Where is my money? Fetish Movie

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