RussianFetish – Seductive torment of Vicious girl

Dero has invited Vicious Girl over for some tickling fun. Vicious thinks she can resist whatever Dero has planned. She arrives looking very sexy in a leather jacket, jeans with a black leather belt and black leather boots.
Dero greets her with a hug. He tells her she is in for quite an experience. He squeezes her bum and then unzips her jacket and takes it off. He tells her to hold her arms straight up in the air and walks around her before giving her some gentle tickles through her shirt.
He stands behind her and makes her hold her hands up. He whispers in her ear about how badly he is going to tickle her. He is gently tickling her and rubbing her body while nibbling and blowing on her ear. She doesn’t think it’s too bad but he hasn’t started yet. He makes her put her hands behind her back and he ties, cuffs them together. Then he grabs her by the front of her belt and leads her over to a sofa.

Dero and Vicious are on the sofa. Dero lifts up Vicious Girl’s feet and puts them in his lap. He rubs and squeezes her boots and then takes them off slowly, followed by her socks. He rubs her bare feet and begins to tickle them. If Vicious tries to pull away he just pulls her towards him and continues to tickle and lick her feet and suck her toes.
He flips Vicious onto her front and then bends her legs so they are against his chest. Now he tickles and licks her toes but he can also reach the rest of her body and tickles her thighs, her bum and her waist (and anything else he can reach!).
He decides she is much more ticklish on her upper body so he is going to take her into the bedroom and tie her down on the bed.

Dero takes Vicious into the bedroom. She is still cocky. He sits her down the bed and then moves behind her. He spends a minute massaging her shoulders which relaxes her and she likes that. He blows on her neck and ears and she starts to giggle. Then he starts unbuttoning her shirt. He pulls the shirt off her shoulders and rubs her bare skin. Then he pushes her on her front, takes off her cuffs and pulls off her shirt and throws it on the floor. He ties her to the bed in her jeans and bra.
He starts by gently running his fingers over her body and her legs to get her twitching. Then he starts tickling all over. He blows raspberries on her belly button and licks it. He also nibbles on her ribs and blows and sucks on her armpits, neck and ears. Her armpits are a great weakness and he makes her suffer with his tickling here and switches it up with more sensual worship tickling and licking.
When she starts being cocky, he puts his hand over her mouth while he tickles her. Dero have one hand over her mouth while he blows a long, wet raspberry on her belly button.
He squeezes himself under Vicious on the bed so he can tickle her from behind and she can see his hands above her body. This is a great position to tickle her hips too as she will be even more restricted. He also hold a hand over her mouth while nibbling her ears and tickling her body.
Vicious is much more responsive on her upper body. Dero now unclasps her bra and pushes it up to her wrists so her breasts are now bare. He tickles and sucks on her nipples, squeezes her breasts.
For the rest of the clip, Dero tries to annoy Vicious with mean tickling and he tries to turn her on and excite her with sensual and erotic tickling. He massages her body and uses lickling and blowing. He unbuckles her belt and tickles her softly just above her panties. When he is done he leaves Vicious hot and bothered.
Perhaps she wants more from Dero now but that’s his biggest tease, he’s going to give her a big kiss and then leave her there feeling frustrated. Maybe he’ll be back to tickle her later…

Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, 1920×1080,, 11872 kbps, 25.000 fps
Audio:  mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC, 48000Hz, 128 kbps , 2 channel(s)
Duration: 26:48.160
Size: 2 300,549 Mb

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