RussianFetish – Tickle phobia – tickling shadows around me (Tickle horror film)

Patient – Elina
Doctor – Dero
1st shadow tickler – Dero
2nd shadow tickler – Andrew

After the phobia of tickling became a torment for Elina – she decided to go to a doctor. She lay down on the couch.
“Now we’ll start the session – to find out the reason” – the psychotherapist began.
“I will put you to sleep and you will talk about what you feel. At this time I will tickle you…”
He brought her into a deep sleep and began to tickle her lightly. First the stomach, then the feet. He took off her socks and began to touch her ticklish toes.
“I see myself lying in my bed, but dammit, I am tied up! I can’t do anything!”
“Interesting” – the doctor began to tickle the girl. She didn’t open her eyes and laughed from tickling.
“Now I see a corridor. And a strange noise… Shadows that chase after me …”
“How do they look?”
“They are black, and they overtook me, and now they are tickling me! It seems that they like it very much.”
“I’m trying to find your sensitive spots” – the doctor said, smearing the cream on her soles and tickled her heels.
“It seems our therapy is powerless here and you will remain in a ticklish, torture dream for a long time.”
After these words, she still felt tickling from two shadows-ticklers that surrounded her and tickled her topless. The girl was tied to the bed and laughed…
It seemed that this was the first test and it ended. But instead of awakening, the girl became more and more bogged down in her fears – now she was plastered with tight plastic and her mouth was ballgagged – in this uncomfortable position she was completely helpless… The shadows-ticklers again began to torment her – tickling her feet and biting them.
After some time, the girl was turned over – exposing her pretty tits and the shadows again bent towards her, to torture a pleasant female body with their wild tickling. They persistently did this for a long time.
A little time passed and the girl felt relief – her mouth was released…
But what was the third test? She was sitting in a straitjacket and her legs were locked in stocks – all of her most terrible fears were embodied in this dream. It would be better if she did not come to this therapy… The shadows again began to torment her and tickle her feet using various devices. The girl laughed and it seemed that it would last all the time, like circles of tickle hell.

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