RussianGirlsInDistress – You won the tickle lottery!

Jenna and Bramble are lottery representatives who come to Abby’s house to give her a prize. When she opens the box, she sees ropes and strange devices of unknown purpose. Surprised by this horrible useless prize, she expresses her displeasure to the girls, who are extremely unhappy with her reaction. Snatching the box out of her hands, Jenna offers to show little Abby that the prize is extremely useful. Now – the tickling begins! Abby laughs adorably but thinks that the tickling is too much for her to endure. However, Bramble doesn’t listen and begins to tickle her even more and adds oil for extra effect. After a few more minutes, Jenna oils Ofelia’s feet to worsen the tickling. Both ticklers use their nails, toothbrush, and more tools to make Ofelia’s sensations more intense. After bringing her to the point of total oblivion from the laughter and non-stop tickling, the girls settle for the prostrate helpless body. She’s their prize now. And it’s time for them to enjoy her more.

Length: 20:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – You won the tickle lottery!

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