RussianGirlsInFetish – My yoga teacher has a tickling fetish

After her first yoga lesson that has ended up with a pleasant belly button worship, Samantha has been extremely excited to proceed her exercises with Olivia. She wonders what surprises await her at their second meeting. It all starts in quite an innocent way: Olivia shows some poses to Samantha and asks her student to repeat them. However, her task contains a spicy detail: she wants to test Samantha’s ability to hold these poses while being tickled. Samantha is a bit amazed but at the same time aroused so she agrees to try. Firstly, she does a downward-facing doggy position. Olivia begins to gently tickle her student’s sides and armpits. Although her movements are quite sensual, Samantha still can’t manage to hold the pose. Olivia acts like she is disappointed. On the contrary, she gets happy that she has a chance to tickle Samantha more. The teacher then commands the girl to lay down on her belly and arch her back so that her torso is above the ground. Olivia’s fingers tenderly run all over Samantha’s sides, ribs and armpits. She even touches Samantha’s tits paying attention to her nipples that playfully poke through the fabric of the student’s top. Samantha gets pleasantly surprised. She starts to breathe heavily but succeeds to hold the position. Satisfied, Olivia asks the girl to stand up with her hands above her head and one leg bend at a knee and held up. That done, Samantha’s sides get attacked by Olivia’s fingers again. It’s hard for the student to balance on one leg and she almost falls down leaning on the teacher. Olivia tells her that the following exercise should be performed on a bed and to complete it she should strip herself. Despite the shock, Samantha agrees. Once the naked girl is on the bed, Olivia suddenly starts fixing her hands and legs with ropes. The teacher convinces her student that she can hold the position easier with the help of restraints. After that, all the body of the naked Samantha gets sensually tickled. Armpits and sides, breasts and nipples, arms belly, legs and, of course, soles – Olivia pays attention to every little spot. Samantha wriggles and laughs adorably. The lesson definitely brings excellent results!

Length: 24:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

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