RussianGirlsInFetish – Tightly bound Sangini has so ticklish feet!

Well, we really enjoyed tickling Sangini’s sensitive body last time! So today we have prepared another tickling session for her. Being aware of her explosive reaction to tickling, Kalahari is now motivated to fix her properly so that she has no ability to wriggle a lot. He uses ropes to attach her hands and arms to her body while Sangini is standing upright wearing only cute white lingerie. Rope tightly embraces her breasts causing them bulge quite sexily. Kalahari doesn’t forget about the crotch rope and that really arouses Sangini. He can’t resist playing with his bottom girl for a while. Squeezing the crotch rope he makes it slide back and forth between the lips of her vulva slightly touching her clitoris. Wow, Sangini moans so sweetly! Alright, playtime is over and now Kalahari wraps the ropes around Sangini’s thighs, knees and ankles making her completely helpless. As her Dom, he knows very well that this feeling excites her. He puts his cute little package on the floor and steps aside to admire her beauty that is only highlighted by ropes. Sangini checks the tightness of her tie writhing hotly. Of course, there is no way to escape. Kalahari encourages her to stand up. Is he kidding us?! How is she able to do this being tied up so tightly? That’s no surprise that her attempts fail. He then turns Sangini on her side to help her. She tries again but no chance. Okay, Kalahari puts her up himself. Stepping aside, he orders her to approach him and Sangini hops obediently on her tip toes. Good girl! Let’s see if she can hop to and fro along the pool. Success! No doubt, her feet has had quite a good warm-up and are now ready for tickling. Kalahari sits her down on a chair, lays her legs on an ottoman and stuffs a ballgag inside her mouth. Sangini is ordered to keep her feet up and…let the tickling journey begin! Kalahari starts with quite light tickling teasing the girl but then he increases the intensity of his movements and tickles the hell out of her soles with no mercy! Even the gag can’t silence Sangini’s loud laughter. She squeals so hard that Kalahari has to use more ropes to fix her waist to the chair. Now it becomes impossible for her to escape from his ministrations! Nothing prevents the Dom from having wild fun tormenting the toes and soles of his bondage pet. After some time, Kalahari removes her gag and takes a fork…Sangini gets worried and at the same time excited. Her tickling adventure continues. We have a pleasure to experience so wild and intense reaction from her while sharp tips of fork contact with her tender feet. What an adorable laughter she has! Next up, Kalahari takes a thin white cord and focuses on Sangini’s toes slowly slipping it through them. Even these gentle movements cause her to burst out laughing. Later on, he uses the same cord to tie her big toes together and begins the final round of feet tickling. Sangini laughs so hard that she almost loses her breath. Apparently, she will never forget this experience!

Length: 38:57
Resolution: 1920×1080

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