ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Ama Is Gonna Be Sorry

Ama didn’t think I was going to find out that she hooked up with my boyfriend. But I find out everything! And to think I thought Ama was my best friend. Well, now she’s going to have to pay, and pay dearly!

I now have Ama in my private dungeon and bound wrist and ankle to my board I also have shrink wrap around her legs for good measure. I begin tickling her ticklish ribs, belly, sides and armpits and she pleads for me to stop. But I’m not stopping. Her betrayal warrants this punishment, and I intend to make her suffer for what she did. I tickle her armpits and then I move back to the other areas of her upper body. I don’t tickle her feet during this punishment, because I really wanted to stay where I could closely watch her face as she suffers this tickle torment. And I wanted Ama to see how much I was enjoying tickling her. Later on in the scene I even blindfold and gag her before continuing to punish her with merciless tickling.

Length: 11:18
Resolution: 1920×1080

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