ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Brutal Tickling of My Tiny Torso

Omg what did I get myself into! My wrists and ankles are securely bound in the leather restraints and I’m stretched tightly on my own board. An extra strap is around my knees, making me even more immobile.

My captor lifts my shirt up and pulls it over my head to cover my face which basically makes me blindfolded.

He then unbuttons my jeans, exposing just a little of the lower part of my body and my hips. He doesn’t speak one word and I’m so nervous with anticipation.

Now, with me completely bound and helpless and with my belly, ribs and underarms all bare and fully exposed, my captor begins to mercilessly tickle me. His method of tickling is brutal. He’s clearly not interested in playful tickling. He’s a sadistic tickler who only wants to make me suffer with prolonged no-nonsense tickling on my petite, skinny and tight torso. What a sicko.

I can’t do anything except hope he has mercy. But he has none.

Length: 9:59
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Brutal Tickling of My Tiny Torso

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