ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Chamber of Tickles

Jenny is in my private chamber, a place where I bring people to for when I want to administer severe tickle torture. She's lying on her back with her wrists tightly secured to the table and her feet are in restraints and suspended in the air. The spreader bar fastened between her ankles keeps her legs wide open, which gives me easy access to her sensitive thighs. I begin by tickling Jenny's soft ticklish feet with my sturdy, freshly manicured nails. Jenny begins laughing immediately and thrashing in her restraints. She wants me to stop, but I am NOT stopping! I want to show her the meaning of tickle torture! I move to her thighs where my nails trace up and down her legs before I start to dig into those sexy inner thighs. Jenny continues to laugh and squirm as I move to her upperbody, where I can get a close up look at her facial expressions, where she's clearly exhibiting the look of someone who's undergoing a merciless tickling! I can never get enough of that look! Her ribs, belly and armpits are thoroughly and relentlessly tickled before I make way back down her body again to continue my sadistic tickle attack on her suspended ticklish bare feet! I really love taunting her too the entire time I tickle torture her, because I know that taunting adds a psychological effect which makes the tickling even worse!

Video: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main), 1920×1080,, 6010 kbps,  fps
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Duration: 9:22.905
Size: 427,737 Mb

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