ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Encased and Bound for Tickle Punishment

I caught a thief red-handed and decided to give her the option of either me calling the police, or letting me deal with her MY way! She chose to let me deal with her. But little did she know that my way consisted of a very lengthy punishment which involves her being fully encased in a nylon body suit, bound tightly to my board and tickled. Not only will I use my fingers, but I will also use an electric toothbrush as well as my tickle claws. The thief, who will remain anonymous throughout, has extra straps around her arms, chest, legs and ankles for increased immobility. I want her to be completely helpless and unable to move as I tickle torment her entire body! That’s the punishment she gets for being a thief!

Length: 19:32
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Encased and Bound for Tickle Punishment

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