ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Step-Aunt Scarlett the Tickle Sadist – Part One

My step-sister’s stepdaughter, Freya, is visiting me for a while to spend some time with me. While her and I are on the bed, we were talking about some of the weird punishments my step-sister likes to use for discipline. One of her methods is tickling. My step-sister loves to use tickling as a corrective measure on Freya when she gets out of line.

I was telling Freya of how my step-sister and I would get into tickle fights. You see, we both like to tickle. And what Freya doesn’t know is, I’m actually way more cruel than my step-sister when it comes to tickling. I give Freya little taste of what I mean by reaching over and tickling her belly and feet. I tickle her more and more because she has the cutest giggle! Freya tries to tickle me back too and then we start wrestling all around the bed in a full blown tickle fight. She gets on top of me briefly and tickles my body, then she tickles my feet. But I’m much stronger than her, so I overpower and straddle her. I use one hand to pin her arms over her head then start tickling her with my free hand. She can’t do anything about it!

In the midst of wrestling around and enjoying this moment of playful tickling, I notice my watch must have slipped out of her pocket. She stole from me! Freya stole from her own aunt! This really ticks me off, and now I’m going to take the tickling to a whole new level. Playtime is over. And I end this moment by telling her exactly what I’m going to do to her.

I’m almost happy she stole from me. Because I cannot wait to punish Freya by inflicting merciless tickle torment on her. Freya is in real trouble now..

Length: 9:19
Resolution: 1920×1080

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