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This is Jackie’s first ever tickling scene!

We all have our secrets, and some are way more perverse than others. Well, you could label one of my little secrets as, way the fuck out there perverse! You see I have this thing for tickling. It can be playful, but what really turns me on is the sadistic side of tickling. Tickle tormenting someone when they’re bound and can’t get away. Now that, although very kinky and unusual, isn’t too horribly perverse I’ll admit. But now factor in my fantasy of wanting to restrain my stepdaughter who’s half my age to the bed just so I can tickle her without mercy, now that’s perverse!

I’m taking advantage of the fact that her step-father goes away for extended business trips fairly often. And today, I’m actually going to fulfill my fantasy by tying my stepdaughter Jackie to the bed and tickling the daylights out of her. She’s almost naked, and I’m going to love feeling her soft and ticklish youthful skin under my merciless fingers. I have a ball gag in her mouth for good measure. I’ll tickle torment her ribs, belly and especially those super sensitive armpits! I’m focusing on just her upperbody because I want to be closer to her face so that I can get a good view of her expressions of ticklish suffering. She has never been tied and tickled before, and that makes today even more thrilling for me. Now, it’s time for tickle torment!

Length: 12:55
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Sadist Stepmom

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