ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Tiny Ticklish Hippie Chick

With Alice being only 4’6″ tall, it’s super easy to get her stretched out on my tickle table. When she stopped over today, she it was apparent she going through a hippie phase; wearing her ripped flower jeans and her half tank top it was like she was a throw back to the 70s! She looked so cute and I just HAD to tickle her.

When I got her arms cuffed above her head, I immediately noticed that Alice’s underarms were unshaven and it made me wonder if that was going to make tiny Alice even more ticklish in her hairy pits!

Unfortunately for Alice, I got new nails that are long and sturdy, which are perfect for tickling underarms. And I was right! As soon as my nails began lightly brushing over Alice’s armpits, she was giggling uncontrollably. I’m not aggressive at all during this tickle session. I keep it slow and deliberate which is very tormenting for Alice.

Next I move to her feet which look so adorable poking out of the bottom of her hippie jeans. Her feet are so tender and ticklish. And since they’re only a size 2 (that’s right, 2!) they’re easily the smallest feet I’ve ever tickled. My long nails slowly and gently tickle the soft sensitive soles and toes of Alice’s little feet for the rest of the scene. I focus all of the tickling on Alice’s unshaven armpits and feet!

Length: 11:12
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tiny Ticklish Hippie Chick

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