ScarlettSinnsTwistedFetishes – Tricked into Tickle Torture

I was feeling particularly devious recently when I invited Krissy over for a cocktail party. You see, I had some pretty devilsh plans in store for her that she was completely oblivious to. Upon arriving, We were sitting at the bar in my kitchen, sipping some wine and chatting, when Krissy asked where everyone else was. I told her that they'll be arriving a little later and then we continued to chat. It was then when Krissy needed to excuse herself to use the restroom, and that's when I made my move. As she was in the restroom, I took out a little packet I had in my bra and dumped the contents into Krissy's drink. Just a little something to make her feel…shall we say…relaxed 🙂

Krissy finally came back from the restroom and started sipping her wine. Shortly after, she began to feel a little woosey, and just like that, she decided to "take a nap" right there at the bar. Time for my next move. I grab her and bring her into my bedroom.

When Krissy finally wakes up, she finds herself stripped of most of her clothing and tied tightly spread eagled to my bed. She's starting to realize that this whole cocktail party thing was just a ruse. And she's absolutely right. I've been stalking Krissy. She was my prey and I had every intention of capturing her for the sole purpose of tickle torturing her! Not for information. Not for punishment. This was simply because I love administering tickle torture on helpless unsuspecting people, and Krissy just happened to be my latest victim. After she woke up, I begin tickling her ticklish upperbody. I use my fiendish fingernails on her armpits and I just watch as she laughs and squirms. I tickle her ribgs, tummy, legs, thighs and of course, her ticklish little feet. I tickle torture her all over, basking in the delightful sounds of her laughter and pleas for me to stop. 

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