ShibariKalahari – Tickling Robbery

The third and final part of the series about the conflict between Chloe and Sangini.

The red-haired invader negotiates with Kalahari for help. Together they decide to get information where Sangini keeps the money in every possible way. With the arrival of Kalahari, bondage for Sangini becomes very difficult and tight, and now she jokes without enthusiasm and with fear in her eyes. Her feet are well fixed with ropes and her legs and arms are spread wide apart in bondage. For at least half an hour they interrogate her with foot tickling, using different devices and intensities. Then the scoundrels attach a vibrator to her pussy and gradually increase its power. They even connect the clamps on her nipples to her big toes with a thin rope so that every movement of her feet makes her feel uncomfortable! How will Sangini cope with such persistent onslaught?

It is in this episode that you will find out the final of this story: will Sangini be able to keep her secret, or will Kalahari and Chloe get what they want?

Length: 39:52
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling Robbery

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