ShibariKalahari – Ticklish Jina!

Let’s make this cute blonde laugh with tickles! Jina assures us that she is not at all afraid of any tickling and nothing will work out for us. Adam fixes his girlfriend in tight bondage with straight legs. The ankles are tied, the knees are pulled to the table, the waist is tied tightly and pulled to the post from behind. We fix our beauty’s hands at the top so that her entire body is completely accessible, including her armpits. Adam starts tickling Jina’s feet. It doesn’t take long before he finds the girl’s most sensitive areas. Sangini joins him. She puts a ballgag on the no longer so confident Jina and tickles her hard on the ribs and armpits. In such a tight bondage, Jina will receive such a first tickling that she will not be able to forget, and Adam still has a comb and high frequency in store!

Length: 12:16
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ticklish Jina!

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