ShibariKalahari – Ticklish Nicky

In the beginning of this film she’s already tied up. She can’t seem to get out of such a tight and uncomfortable position. She suffers, moans and sobs, looking at us over her gag. She has a very tight rope between her legs, which puts a lot of pressure on her clitor. She looks very seductive and sexy. Her attempts to escape the pressure of the rope between her legs only excite her more. I ask Sangini to come to her. She treats the girl tenderly. I wonder if Nicky is ticklish? Now Sangini will check it out! She tries to tickle her and it turns out that Nicky is very ticklish. She laughs and squirms from the tickling of her ribs and heels. Sangini tickles Nicky intensively, and when she is almost exhausted, she increases the power of the vibrator. Nicky moans loudly and squirms! Then I take her directly by the harness and lift her high up right in the hogtie. Nicky gets scared, but the game continues. I put her on her knees straight in bondage and push her forward. She starts to fall, but I catch her at the last moment. After such intense play, Nicky breathes sensually. I take off her gag and we see how her lips tremble. Such a wonderful play with my new victim!

Length: 21:47
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ticklish Nicky

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