SilverCherry – Evil Sasha Tickle T0rtures Helpless Lucy

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Lucy is topless, wearing only panties and she's bound securely to the tickle table. At the beginning of the scene, Sasha walks in. You can hear her heels as she approaches Lucy. She sexily walks over and proceeds to tell Lucy that she is going to be tickle t0rtured! Without any sympathy at all, Sasha uses her very talented fingers and begins tickling skinny Lucy's sensitive bare upperbody. At first, Lucy tries to fight it. But Sasha isn't having any of that, for two reasons. First, she's too skilled of a tickler to allow someone to fight it. And second, she's too evil to allow it to happen. Sasha is more of a tickle sadist which means her thirst for making one of her victims suffer through her tickle t0rture must be quenched!

Sasha tickles poor Lucy's ribs, belly, belly button and underarms. Sasha even blows raspberries on Lucy's slender belly a few times which gets great responses from Lucy! Sasha then moves to the foot of the table and uses her sturdy fingernails to mercilessly tickle Lucy's protruding bare feet.

Lucy has now been initiated into the world of tickle t0rture, and evil Sasha was more than happy to break her in!

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