SilverCherry – Licked and Tickled Little Feet

Scarlett is admiring how cute Cotten’s feet are while they’re hanging out on the bed. Scarlett loves how small and soft they are and isn’t able to resist the urge to play with them. Cotten happily agrees to let Scarlett kiss and lick her feet. But I don’t think Cotten was expecting Scarlett to start tickling them too!

Scarlett alternates between worshipping Cottens feet to tickling them, making Cotten laugh and giggle. Seems that the saliva made Cotten’s feet even more ticklish. And since we all know that Scarlett has a genuine love for tickling, she took advantage of Cotten’s heightened sensitivity on the soles of her feet during this foot worship and foot tickling session!

Length: 8:12
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Licked and Tickled Little Feet

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