SlammCreations – Angella Faith and Nikki Fierce – Angella Meets the TICKLEBOT

Superspy Angella Faith has been captured by Mr. Big Angella has done such damage to his operations, he must escape to his overseas lair.But before he departs, he wants revenge on the now helpless spy.  The sexy blonde Angella is bound with thick leather cuffs, which are secured by locks and spread-eagled to the four corners of a bed.  Mr. Big sends his newest tickling robot (ticklebot) he calls “Mistress Nikki” to attack the helpless woman! Wearing only a tiny black leather bikini, she’s helpless, exposed and totally available to the blonde ticklebot, who is also dressed in a sexy leather bikini, spiked collar, fingerless leather gloves and mirrored sunglasses.  He tells the sexy robot to tickle, tease and torment Angella until she can’t stand it anymore.   Angella recoils at the mere mention of being tickled…the criminal boss gives her an “out,” telling her that the ticklebot will release her upon the hearing of a “safeword,” but he leaves her to guess what it could possibly be.  The arrogant spy looks at the ticklebot and says, “She looks pretty harmless.  We may even have fun! Mistress Nikki says “I will have fun.  You?  We’ll see; The robot goes to work, its fingertips diving in on Angella’s exposed ribs.  It turns out that our heroine is screamingly ticklish, and the ticklebot tickles her mercilessly.  Then, the ticklebot plants a sexy sensuous kiss on Angella’s lips, disorienting her!  Just when Angella thinks that this may indeed be fun, the ticklebot resumes its tickling attack, going after her armpits, using its fingertips to probe and tickle.  Angella struggles to escape, but there’s just no way!  Then the ticklebot pauses to taunt Angella, and gives her another sexy kiss.  Angella can’t help but be swept away by the kiss…until the ticklebot attacks her bare feet and soles!  Angella screams in ticklish torment.  She desperately tries to find the safeword that will release her, but can’t even guess as to what it could be! She begs the sexy robot to stop, but the robot has no feelings, no remorse and continues on its mission, taking the occasional preprogrammed random break. After the break, the ticklebot returns with an electric toothbrush to provide an even more insidious tickle torment on poor Angella! Later, it uses a three-fingered vibrator to tease and torment the trapped spy.  How can Angella escape from this unstoppable tickler Is she doomed?  Angella struggles hard and laughs in ticklish torment, and Nikki is awesome as she presents her spin on the relentless ticklebot. Both models are super sexy in their bikinis, with lots of bare feet and soles!

Duration: 13:11.224
Size: 801,185 Mb

Download – Angella Faith and Nikki Fierce – Angella Meets the TICKLEBOT

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