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SlammCreations – Nikki Fierce, Mary Jane and Angella Faith – Spreading Rumors

Sexy school jock Nikki has been captured by two of the school’s kinky bad girls, Mary Jane and Angella.  Bikini clad Nikki is bound spreadeagled to the bed with thick leather cuffs locked around her wrists and ankles. Her feet are bare, and her scantily clad body is helpless and exposed to whatever torment the bad girls want to do!  Why is Nikki in this position?  Apparently she’s been spreading rumors about the campus bad girls, and now it’s payback time!  Mary Jane gets to torment Nikki first, and it’s tickling and teasing she uses on the helpless woman.  Mary Jane’s long fingernails find several ticklish spots on Nikki’s neck, belly and armpits.  But a tickling attack on Nikki’s feet really brings out the laughter.  Then, it’s Angella’s turn for revenge.  Her torment is more sensuous, as she kisses Nikki, which Nikki seems to like.  But she begins her tickling on the neck, and slowly progresses lower to the belly, thighs and then the ticklish feet!  Finally, it’s a tickling 2-on-1, with both bad girls abusing Nikki at once. After some brutal tickling, the action slows down and the bad girls now resort to kissing, teasing and caressing their captive. Are they going to let her go?  Or tickle her more?  Angella and Mary Jane look amazing in their matching outfits, and Nikki struggles delightfully as the tickled captive.

Duration: 14:34.167
Size: 1 029,35 Mb

Download – Nikki Fierce, Mary Jane and Angella Faith – Spreading Rumors

SlammCreations – Mary Jane Green, Olivia Chase, and Francesca Le – Two Lovers Take Ticklish Revenge

Sexy Francesca and Olivia earlier were tricked into a bondage and tickling session by sweet, innocent Mary Jane.  Now they get their revenge!  Mary Jane must endure Olivia and Francesca’s tickling and teasing – she’s gonna get it double than what she gave to them!  Mary Jane is tightly bound spreadeagled to the bed with heavy duty leather cuffs and straps, unable to move or escape from the ladies’ ministrations.  Olivia works on tickling Mary Jane’s upper body while Francesca works on Mary Jane’s feet and legs.  Mary Jane wears a tiny black bikini, and it gives no protection to the revenge-fueled tickling and teasing.  The two sexy captors take turns having their way with the helpless woman, tickling her brutally in between kissing and caressing her tenderly, like she wanted from them before.  Olivia uses her tongue between Mary Jane’s toes, playing on her foot fetish.  Mary Jane is spinning, caught between desire and tickling torment!  The women double-team Mary Jane with feather dusters and electric toothbrushes, driving Mary Jane wild.  Suddenly Francesca and Olivia turn tender, both of them caressing and kissing their captive.  After all, that’s what she really wants from them, right?  But the tormentors step up the intensity, each woman using an electric toothbrush on both of Mary Jane’s soles at the same time!  How is Mary Jane going to survive this ticklish assault?  Mary Jane is out of control, and Olivia and Francesca are loving every minute of it!  Sexy models, bikinis, bare feet, tickling and kissing – what more could you ask for?

Duration: 14:55.629
Size: 1 059,181 Mb

Download – Mary Jane Green, Olivia Chase, and Francesca Le – Two Lovers Take Ticklish Revenge

SlammCreations – Mary Jane Green and Sharon Kane – Mary Jane’s Jealous Tickling Mistress

Sweet Mary Jane is bound spread eagled to her bed by her sexy mistress Sharon. Both of them are dressed in shiny bikinis, a signal to Mary Jane that she’s in for a fun time. Mistress Sharon produces some long silky feathers and caresses the submissive’s bound body with them, along with soft kisses, and Mary Jane loves it. But Mistress Sharon starts questioning Mary Jane about an event that happened the night before, and catches her slave in a lie. She confronts Mary Jane with information about a gentleman caller – a thank you card hidden under the bed! Mary Jane sweetly tries to deny such a meeting ever took place, and Mistress Sharon immediately starts savagely tickling the submissive. No more sweet caresses, as Sharon’s fingertips rake Mary Jane’s ticklish tummy and ribs. After tightening the restraints, the jealous mistress tickles Mary Jane all over, and the ticklish submissive laughs, struggles and squirms trying to escape. Then, Mistress Sharon breaks out an electric toothbrush to use on “the cheater” and attacks Mary Jane’s sensitive bare soles with it. The cheating sub screams in ticklish torment, and that’s only on one foot! Sharon then uses the vibrating bristles all over Mary Jane’s ticklish body, occasionally alternating with some sweet kisses. The Mistress forces Mary Jane to read the card out loud, which upsets the Mistress all over again and now produces tickles on Mary Jane’s neck. Mistress Sharon changes her approach now, sweetly kissing the bound captive’s toes, and returning to the feathers again, using them sensuously up and down Mary Jane’s legs and between her toes, making the sub shiver. Another tickling application of the toothbrush gains a quivering apology from Mary Jane. That earns the sub a kiss from her Mistress…

Duration: 19:50.925
Size: 1 433,137 Mb

Download – Mary Jane Green and Sharon Kane – Mary Jane’s Jealous Tickling Mistress

SlammCreations – Mary Jane Green and Alexis Taylor – Mistress Alexis Tickles Mary Jane

Sweet and sexy submissive Mary Jane is bound to her bed, waiting for her Mistress Alexis to arrive and play with her.  Mary Jane is expecting to have some fun with her mistress, but like a dominant will do, Alexis has other plans.  She produces a feather, and proceeds to tickle the helpless sub.  Mary Jane wears only a tiny bikini, and it’s no protection from Alexis’ tickling torments!  Mary Jane bounces when the feather dances over her tummy, but jumps when her mistress uses it on her bare feet!  Alexis uses her practiced techniques to tickle not only Mary Jane’s soles, but in between her toes as well!  Screams, laughter and giggles fill the room as Alexis works on her slave.  Then Alexis uses a feather duster to tickle her armpits.  Mary Jane fights to escape her predicament, and in response Alexis adjusts Mary Jane’s bondage even tighter.  Alexis uses her sharp nails on Mary Jane’s soles, upping the tickling intensity even more.  Then comes a whole new texture as she uses a fur covered mitt on Mary Jane, definitely raising goosebumps on the helpless submissive! Both ladies look magnificent, and Mary Jane is quite fetching in her black and red bikini.

Duration: 12:29.538
Size: 902,938 Mb

Download – Mary Jane Green and Alexis Taylor – Mistress Alexis Tickles Mary Jane

SlammCreations – Francesca Le and Alexis Taylor – Francesca’s Tickling Torment

Francesca is strapped tightly to a bed, and wearing sexy a bra and panties.  She is bound with leather cuffs in a ‘Y’ position, with her arms spread wide to the bedposts above her head.  Her bare feet are also restrained in leather cuffs, locked together with a padlock, and then strapped tightly to the bedframe and bedposts.  She struggles to escape the vulnerable position – she’s so exposed!  Sexy Alexis arrives on the scene, and immediately Francesca is on high alert.  Just as she feared, Alexis starts tickling her feet!  She knows exactly where to apply her sharp nails along Francesca’s sensitive soles to achieve the perfect tickling torment.  Francesca can only laugh and scream as Alexis applies her nails into her knees and feet.  Francesca desperately tries to move her feet around to avoid the tickling, but tied as she is, there’s no escape.  Alexis gently tickles Francesca’s vulnerable bare feet and soles!  To Francesca’s horror, Alexis slowly moves up her body, attacking her ribs and exposed armpits.  Francesca can only thrash and bounce as Alexis happily tickles her into hysterics.  Then, Alexis returns to her favorite target – Francesca’s feet!  One sole…then the other…and even both at the same time!  Alexis drapes herself on top of Francesca so she can give her feet the attention they deserve.  Fran begs for mercy…and gets none from sadistic Alexis.  Lots of ticklish fun from two of the best fetish models! Great close-ups on Francesca’s ticklish soles.

Duration: 8:13.538
Size: 585,019 Mb

Download – Francesca Le and Alexis Taylor – Francesca’s Tickling Torment

SlammCreations – Olivia Chase, Francesca Le and Mary Jane Green – Two Lovers in Ticklish Trouble

Bikini-clad sexpots Francesca and Olivia are having a torrid make-out session when they are interrupted by sweet, innocent Mary Jane. Mary Jane suggests that she could help them have even more fun, which the two lovers happily agree to.  Soon, Francesca and Olivia are bound spreadeagled to the bed in a double X configuration, only able to touch each other at the wrist and ankle in the center of the bed, unable to kiss and make out anymore.  Olivia complains that this position is not fun.  Mary Jane says “Of course it’s fun – for me!”  Mary Jane begins tickling her captives’ tummies…”She tricked us!” Francesca is able to blurt out between her giggles.  Mary Jane now has two helpless women bound to a bed, scantily clad and super ticklish, and she explores each of their most sensitive spots!  She uses her sharp fingernails to rake and caress the ticklish captives’ armpits and necks, forcing them to jump and squeal.  She even uses her bare toes to tickle the bound ladies!  Olivia and Francesca try to regain control of their situation by “forgiving” Mary Jane.  But Mary Jane demands kisses from the helpless ladies, which Olivia readily agrees to.  But Francesca refuses, which gets a concentrated bout of tickling from Mary Jane, until she does agree to kiss her.  Mary Jane acts hurt that both women didn’t kiss her sincerely.  So, she renews her tickle attack, this time on their sensitive bare feet and soles, which really drive the women into hysterics.  Mary Jane is in control, and she uses it to get what she wants.  Perhaps she’s not as sweet and innocent as she comes across!  Three all-time great fetish models, super sexy, bikinis, bare feet, tickling and kissing – what more could you ask for?

Duration: 15:11.927
Size: 1 060,638 Mb

Download – Olivia Chase, Francesca Le and Mary Jane Green – Two Lovers in Ticklish Trouble

SlammCreations – Mary Jane and Kasie Cavanaugh – Mary Jane Meets the Ticklebot

Sweet Mary Jane did something that upset Mr. Big, and he’s determined to punish her. He sends his sexy tickling robot (ticklebot) Mistress Kasie to attack the helpless woman. Mary Jane is bound to the bed with thick leather cuffs, which are secured by locks. Her arms are cuffed and locked above her head and her ankles are strapped to the bottom corners. Wearing only a tiny bikini, she’s helpless, exposed and totally available to the sexy, muscular ticklebot who is dressed in a sexy bikini, fingerless leather gloves and mirrored sunglasses. He tells the sexy robot to subject Mary Jane to an entire night’s worth of tickling torment. Mistress Kasie goes to work, first planting a sexy kiss on Mary Jane’s lips and then diving in on Mary Jane’s armpits. Uh oh – it turns out that our heroine is insanely ticklish, and the ticklebot attacks, going after her armpits, ribs, flat stomach, thighs and sensitive bare feet, using her fingertips and tongue to probe and tickle. Mary Jane screams, laughs, and struggles to escape, but there’s just no way! She begs the sexy robot to stop, but the robot has no feelings, no remorse and continues on its mission, taking the occasional preprogrammed random break. It kisses Mary Jane at certain intervals, its tongue diving deep into Mary Jane’s unenthusiastic mouth. After a time, the robot uses a fingertip massaging vibrator and an electric toothbrush to ticklishly torment poor Mary Jane. Finally, the ticklebot uses its sexy muscular physique to hold Mary Jane in its embrace, and not only tickles but sensuously caresses and kisses Mary Jane. Can Mary Jane escape from this unstoppable tickler? Mary Jane struggles hard and laughs in ticklish torment, and Kasie is awesome as the relentless ticker. Both models are super sexy in their bikinis, with lots of bare feet and soles!

Duration: 23:21.655
Size: 1 676,02 Mb

Download – Mary Jane and Kasie Cavanaugh – Mary Jane Meets the Ticklebot