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SlammCreations – Tomiko and Hollywould – Read the Fine Print


Holly is enjoying walking around a seedy carnival when she comes upon a unique sideshow.  A lovely woman dressed in sexy lingerie, tightly hogtied in leather restraints and gagged with a mouth filling ball gag is under a sign that reads TICKLE TORTURE TOMIKO. Wow, what an unusual attraction; 15 minutes and only for a few credits! There’s a table full of implements available to use for tickling as well! Holly can’t resist this opportunity, and unbuckles the gag from the helpless Tomiko’s mouth.  Tomiko is scantily clad and totally exposed, and desperately tries to talk her customer out of tickling her, but Holly grabs an electric toothbrush and dives in, tickling Tomiko’s bare feet and soles.  Tomiko immediately laughs, squeals and squirms, trying to escape the ticklish sensations, but she’s totally helpless. Holly is definitely enjoying herself, and uses the vibrating toothbrush to tickle Tomiko all over her exposed body. Tomiko offers to pay Holly more credits to let her go, but Holly ignores her and now dives into Tomiko’s soles with her fingers. Her sharp nails rake Tomiko’s bare soles, and Tomiko is racked by tormenting belly laughs. Holly is lost in the joy of tickling the helpless attraction. Then, Holly teases Tomiko by donning a three fingered vibrator right in front of her.  Tomiko’s ticklish terror is heightened even more when Holly applies the vibrating fingers once again to her bare skin. Then Holly notices that her 15 minutes of fun is running out, and not only uses the vibrator but the toothbrush as well, onto Tomiko’s helplessly ticklish soles! Holly sadistically enjoys every second of Tomiko’s ticklish misery, right up until the sideshow’s proprietor arrives and orders her to cease tickling Tomiko.  Apparently, there’s a fine print statement on the sign she read at the beginning of the show that states that something horrible will happen to the customer if they go past the time limit…and uh oh, Holly’s way past it! Tomiko’s in black bra and panties, Holly’s in a bikini, and both women are barefoot in this tickling extravaganza!

Duration: 12:13.452
Size: 793,784 Mb

Download – Tomiko and Hollywould – Read the Fine Print

SlammCreations – Stacy Burke and Goldie Blair – Goldie Tickles Stacy


Simple and straightforward – ticklee Stacy, wearing a sexy bikini, is bound on the floor in a blue rope hogtie, her exposed feet and body at the mercy of the sexy bikini-clad tickler Goldie!  Goldie uses her fingers to explore every sensitive spot of the helpless, ticklish Stacy. Ribs, neck, back, knees and of course soles are probed and caressed, drawing giggles, laughter and occasionally screams! Stacy wriggles and struggles to avoid Goldie’s fluttering fingers. Goldie teases and occasionally digs in on her lovely ticklee, loving hearing the begging and squealing! Lots of sexy views of Stacy’s famous body, and Goldie loves to concentrate of Stacy’s lovely feet and soles!

Duration: 8:26.082
Size: 526,281 Mb

Download – Stacy Burke and Goldie Blair – Goldie Tickles Stacy

SlammCreations – Sharon Kane and Mary Jane Green – Mary Jane’s Ticklish Mistress


Mistress Sharon is in a bind, tightly bound spread-eagled to a bed in locked leather cuffs. Earlier she had lovingly tickle-punished her favorite submissive, Mary Jane, for going on a date with a man without getting permission.  Now, Mary Jane’s beau has captured the Mistress and placed her in the same position and situation as his girl was previously! Sharon’s struggles are ineffective, and now she can only hope one of her subs finds and releases her. But, the sub that finds her is sweet Mary Jane.  The Mistress orders Mary Jane to unlock her. But for Mary Jane, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!  So, she takes advantage of her Mistress’ predicament, and licks her toe! Well, it appears that Mistress Sharon is very sensitive to the touch, and despite her Mistress’ order, Mary Jane mischievously produces a long silky feather and runs it along Sharon’s ticklish body!  Sharon is even more ticklish than Mary Jane, and the sub takes advantage, tickling the helpless mistress all over. Just when Sharon thinks she has control over Mary Jane again, the sub finds an electric toothbrush conveniently available. Sharon recoils at the mere sight of the instrument, and really starts to worry when Mary Jane innocently turns it on!Sharon’s ticklish feet are suddenly under attack from the vibrating bristles expertly brandished by the sub. Mistress Sharon laughs, squirms and giggles, but can’t escape from her sub’s expert tickling application. Now Mary Jane moves into a more sensuous tickle, using her fingertips all over the hapless Mistress, forcing more giggles and squirms. Sharon warms to her sub’s ministrations, and eventually Mary Jane gives her a kiss and asks for her Mistress’ forgiveness.  Will Mistress Sharon forgive Mary Jane? Since she’s still bound helplessly, perhaps that would be a good idea, unless she wants to be tickled some more!

Duration: 10:32.333
Size: 750,074 Mb

Download – Sharon Kane and Mary Jane Green – Mary Jane’s Ticklish Mistress

SlammCreations – Hurricane Havana and Hollywould – Holly Tickles Havana


Sabrina Havana made a strategic mistake when she allowed Holly to tie her up.Using leather cuffs, straps and padlocks, Sabrina is snugly bound spreadeagle to the bed. Holly has her right where she wants her, and begins a slow exploration of Sabrina’s sensitive spots. As it turns out, Sabrina is very ticklish, and Holly soon finds that Sabrina’s bare feet and legs are especially ticklish, and makes Sabrina jump, laugh and scream with a mere touch of her sharp fingernails! Not only Sabrina’s feet are ticklish, as Holly uses various props to tickle Sabrina’s armpits, ribs and hips.  Sabrina begs to be let go, but Holly tightens Sabrina’s straps, so she’s even more helpless.  Finally, Holly produces an electric toothbrush and really goes to town on the now hypersensitive captive, driving Sabrina into hysterics. Sabrina tries everything to keep from laughing, but Holly always is able to break her concentration and force her to laugh once more. A fun tickling situation for Holly, and perhaps not as much fun for Sabrina! Both ladies are barefoot in bikinis.

Duration: 13:41.431
Size: 975,6 Mb

Download – Hurricane Havana and Hollywould – Holly Tickles Havana

SlammCreations – Francesca Le, Kristal Summers and Mary Jane Green – Francesca and Kristal’s Ticklish Torment


Mr. Big told his number one submissive, Francesca, to prepare his mansion for the big beach party, and to bring sexy blonde Kristal as well.  But Mr. Big didn’t like it when Francesca had her toes painted the wrong color, and that Kristal was wearing the wrong shorts…well, the clients still want Francesca and Kristal as their entertainment later on, and Mr. Big wants the submissives to be prepared for the clients and also punished for the indiscretions.  He has the ladies hogtied in their beach shorts and bare feet on the bed, and brings in his top mistress, Mistress Mary Jane, to punish the subs and also to prepare them for the clients.  The helpless women are to be tickled on their bare soles for an hour!  Mr. Big leaves, and Mistress Mary Jane begins the tickling.  Both of the helpless submissives are tightly hogtied, and there’s no escaping, no matter how much they struggle.They beg the Mistress to let them go, but Mary Jane starts tickling their feet with her educated fingertips.  Both women are forced to laugh as Mary Jane expertly runs her fingers up and down their soles, at times concentrating on their toes. The Mistress gives the helpless twosome a break…but returns with two electric toothbrushes!  She teases them by letting them hear the vibrating brushes before descending on poor Kristal’s feet.  Mary Jane is an expert at tickling, and Kristal begs and pleads for mercy as Mary Jane uses both toothbrushes to cover every crevice on each of Kristal’s sexy soles. Francesca can only watch in horror as her friend is mercilessly tickled.  Francesca tries to escape, but she’s bound too tightly and cleverly.  Just when Kristal seems exhausted, Mary Jane gives her a break. She moves over to Francesca and unexpectedly tickles her ribs, which drives Francesca into hysterics! The Mistress seems to have it in for Francesca…Mary Jane leaves to let her captives catch their breath.  But she soon returns with a very large and powerful electric spinning scrubber!  The scrubber is very loud, driving fear into the submissives.  And then Mary Jane turns the spinning brush onto Francesca’s feet!  Francesca laughs and struggles as the Mistress expertly works on Francesca’s foot.  And stops when Francesca can’t take it anymore.But that was just on one foot!” she informs Francesca who reels in horror as the Mistress starts using the tool on the other sole!  It’s Kristal’s turn to miserably watch her friend’s tickling, and then beg for mercy when Mary Jane turns the brush on her own sensitive soles and toes.  Kristal squirms and pleads but the Mistress doesn’t care. In fact, she teases poor Francesca by threatening her with the spinning scrubber, quickly running the tool along Francesca sole causing spasms of laughter before returning back to Kristal’s tickling torment. Finally, Mistress Mary Jane gives the exhausted women another break…but threatens to bring back something bigger and better to tickle them with! The subs beg for mercy.  All the ladies are barefoot in shorts, and Francesca and Kristal hogtied feet are visible throughout the video.  It’s three of the best fetish models ever on one video!

Duration: 16:56.930
Size: 1 229,302 Mb

Download – Francesca Le, Kristal Summers and Mary Jane Green – Francesca and Kristal’s Ticklish Torment

SlammCreations – Yana and Fightbabe Robin – She?s So, So, So Sorry!


The previous day, Yana ticklishly tormented her lovely girlfriend, Robin. And now, Robin will have her revenge! Dressed in her favorite leopard bikini, Yana is bound in an inescapable leather hogtie, combining leather mittens strapped to each hand and then locked to a leather bondage belt snugly around Yana’s waist. The mittens are then locked to the leather cuffs tight around Yana’s ankles. With her fingers securely inside of the mittens, there’s no way Yana can use them to open the locks. She’s trapped, securely hogtied with her sexy, scantily clad body and bare feet available for Robin’s ticklish revenge! She’s already begging for mercy: “Robin, I’m so, so so sorry! I didn’t mean it…” Robin climbs onto the bed next to the helpless Yana, teasing her with the keys to the locks and her freedom right there, but outside of her grasp. Robin immediately moves to Yana’s ticklish soles while Yana tries desperately to deflect what’s coming. “Remember what you did to me? Maybe I can refresh your memory” as Robin’s fingers dance upon Yana’s ticklish soles. Yana jumps and squirms in ticklish agony, just from a mere touch of Robin’s fingers! It’s the start of a long afternoon of tickling, teasing and begging. Yana hates it, and pleads for Robin to stop! In addition to Yana’s ticklish feet, Robin caresses Yana’s hips, armpits and even her earlobes; each time causing Yana to buck and squirm, fruitlessly trying to escape Robin’s revenge. Finally, Robin settles in, wrapping Yana’s legs in a tight yoga hold with Yana’s super sensitive soles right in front of her, ready to be tickled for hours. Yana begs Robin, but it does no good as the tickling begins again. It might never stop…Yana presents some sexy struggles trying to get away from Robin’s ministrations, with lots of close-ups of her and her lovely bound, bare feet!

Duration: 13:05.549
Size: 875,403 Mb

Download – Yana and Fightbabe Robin – She?s So, So, So Sorry!

SlammCreations – Kristiana and Francesca Le – Francesca’s Payback


Bikini-clad Francesca is sitting on the couch waiting for Kristiana to return from her shoot with Steve. Earlier, Kristiana stole the shoot that Francesca was scheduled for by tying her up and tickling her.  Now, Kristiana has returned, saying she’s sorry and how the shoot was lame. Francesca pounces on Kristiana, pinning her down and producing leather straps and starts binding Kristiana! “I can’t believe you did that to me! And you know how cute I think Steve is!” Francesca says.After strapping Kristiana’s hands behind her, Francesca begins tickling Kristiana’s armpits and ribs…Kristiana is very ticklish, and immediately begins laughing and squirming. “I’m sorry!” Kristiana wails. Francesca uses her strong legs to hold and attack Kristiana’s perfect feet and soles with her tickling fingertips, forcing even more laughs and begging from the helpless woman. Francesca now binds Kristiana in more straps, including a devious toe binder to trap Kristiana’s ticklish feet even more. Kristiana giggles, screams and begs for Francesca to stop. But Francesca has so many sensitive targets to attack now – feet, knees, neck and ribs. Kristiana can’t escape – she’s sure sorry now that she stole her friend’s gig! Francesca is the perfect tickling tormenter, and Kristiana has the super sexy husky voiced laughter. Both women are off-the-scale hot, and show off their hard bodies in sexy bikinis.

Duration: 9:26.242
Size: 645,467 Mb

Download – Kristiana and Francesca Le – Francesca’s Payback