SlammCreations – Angella Faith, Mary Jane Green and Nikki Fierce – Tickling Tune-Up

Blonde Angella and brunette Mary Jane, wearing striped bikinis, are bound to a bed next to each other with leather cuffs locked around their wrists and ankles and leather straps binding them tightly to the bed frame.  Scantily clad as they are, they’re very worried about why they’ve been left with a different mistress than their own. Mistress Nikki enters and reads them a letter from their mistress.  They’ve been left bound helplessly and exposed so that Mistress Nikki can tickle them to ‘tune’ them up for a later tickling appointment for their mistress! Both of the helpless submissives recoil in fear at the mere mention of the word ‘tickle’…Mistress Nikki, on the other hand, is more than ready to meet the request of her fellow mistress. Mistress Nikki begins by running her flickering fingertips at the bare feet and soles of the trapped submissives, which has them both screaming in ticklish torment!  “Oooh, I like screamers!” Mistress Nikki says. After receiving the desired reaction, Nikki methodically tickles her way up the exposed bodies of Angella and Mary Jane, producing quivering giggles and screams at a mere touch of the knees, thighs, hips and tummies of the sensitive beauties.The Mistress begins working on Mary Jane’s armpits, causing the dark-haired beauty to buck and squirm at a hopeless attempt to escape. Angella is forced to watch her companion being tickled, knowing that she’s next!  Just when the slaves seem to be exhausted from Nikki’s fingers, she produces an electric toothbrush, and attacks anew!  Nikki slides the vibrating toothbrush up and down the captives’ soles, bringing desperate screams from Angella and thrashing from Mary Jane.  How much tickling can they take? Nikki eventually returns to using her fingers to tickle the submissives, pronouncing them properly sensitized for the tickling session later in the evening. Lots of lovely views of all the ladies, along with close-ups of their bare feet and soles being tickled.

Duration: 9:21.847
Size: 494,764 Mb

Download – Angella Faith, Mary Jane Green and Nikki Fierce – Tickling Tune-Up

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