SlammCreations – Hollywould and Hurricane Havana – Havana’s Tickling Revenge

Hollywould tickled the hell out of Sabrina Havana earlier when Havana allowed Holly to tie her up.  But now, it’s HER turn to do the tickling! Holly is bound to the bed with leather cuffs, straps and padlocks. Holly says that unlike Sabrina, she’s not ticklish.  Sabrina slowly explores Holly’s tummy and ribs until she gets Holly laughing. Despite her earlier statements, Holly is very ticklish, and Sabrina dives in with enthusiasm! Sabrina’s slow tickling of Holly’s bare feet and legs drives her wild, especially forcing Holly to jump, laugh and squirm by raking her sharp fingernails along Holly’s sensitive soles!  Holly taunts Sabrina about not being as ticklish as Sabrina, to which Sabrina answers using various props to tickle Holly even harder. A pair of chopsticks really drives Holly wild when used on her feet.  Then Sabrina tightens Holly’s straps, so she’s even more helpless, and produces not one but TWO electric toothbrushes and really goes to town on Holly’s knees and soles, driving Holly into hysterics.  Revenge is sweet! A super fun-filled tickling situation for Sabrina and Holly!  Both ladies are barefoot in bikinis.

Duration: 18:47.564
Size: 1 330,186 Mb

Download – Hollywould and Hurricane Havana – Havana’s Tickling Revenge

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