SlammCreations – Hollywould, Tomiko and Francesca – Holly Double-teamed

Tomiko and Francesca team up for a charity event.  Denim shorts, bare feet and red, white, and blue bikinis are the designated costume for the event, and they tired of having to wait for their third member, Holly to get dressed.  They see Holly as an arrogant and loud and annoying biker chick – well, of course she is! When Holly finally is ready, she’s not dressed quite like the other two.She’s not part of the team.  And this prompts a ticklish response from Francesca.  Holly is very ticklish, and Tomiko and Francesca decide to bring Holly down a peg or two. Now, Holly is bound into a strict hogtie with a lot of sensitive bare skin and soles ripe for the tickling! Holly is double-teamed, with Tomiko tickling the upper body and Francesca working on her feet.  Tomiko leaves to check her phone, and Francesca gets to tickle Holly all by herself.  Francesca is an expert tickler, and she dives in using her fingers all over Holly’s body, bring loud laughs and squirming escape attempts by the long, lean ticklee.  Tomiko returns with a spinning brush, and Francesca leaves to let Tomiko have her way with the helpless Holly. Holly’s knees and hips are especially ticklish, and Tomiko loves seeing her jump and scream in ticklish agony as the brush spins its way around her tickle spots.  Holly screams when Tomiko tickles her toes.  Francesca returns, and she and Tomiko once again double-team Holly, with Francesca tickling Holly’s feet and Tomiko working on the ears, neck and ribs ;I thought you were my friends!” Holly manages to blurt out between giggles. Next time, maybe you’ll be a team player” Francesca chides Holly, as Holly begs forgiveness and for her teammates to stop tickling her!

Duration: 12:05.303
Size: 838,484 Mb

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