SlammCreations – Hurricane Havana and Hollywould – Holly Tickles Havana

Sabrina Havana made a strategic mistake when she allowed Holly to tie her up.Using leather cuffs, straps and padlocks, Sabrina is snugly bound spreadeagle to the bed. Holly has her right where she wants her, and begins a slow exploration of Sabrina’s sensitive spots. As it turns out, Sabrina is very ticklish, and Holly soon finds that Sabrina’s bare feet and legs are especially ticklish, and makes Sabrina jump, laugh and scream with a mere touch of her sharp fingernails! Not only Sabrina’s feet are ticklish, as Holly uses various props to tickle Sabrina’s armpits, ribs and hips.  Sabrina begs to be let go, but Holly tightens Sabrina’s straps, so she’s even more helpless.  Finally, Holly produces an electric toothbrush and really goes to town on the now hypersensitive captive, driving Sabrina into hysterics. Sabrina tries everything to keep from laughing, but Holly always is able to break her concentration and force her to laugh once more. A fun tickling situation for Holly, and perhaps not as much fun for Sabrina! Both ladies are barefoot in bikinis.

Duration: 13:41.431
Size: 975,6 Mb

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