SlammCreations – Kristiana and Francesca Le – Francesca’s Payback

Bikini-clad Francesca is sitting on the couch waiting for Kristiana to return from her shoot with Steve. Earlier, Kristiana stole the shoot that Francesca was scheduled for by tying her up and tickling her.  Now, Kristiana has returned, saying she’s sorry and how the shoot was lame. Francesca pounces on Kristiana, pinning her down and producing leather straps and starts binding Kristiana! “I can’t believe you did that to me! And you know how cute I think Steve is!” Francesca says.After strapping Kristiana’s hands behind her, Francesca begins tickling Kristiana’s armpits and ribs…Kristiana is very ticklish, and immediately begins laughing and squirming. “I’m sorry!” Kristiana wails. Francesca uses her strong legs to hold and attack Kristiana’s perfect feet and soles with her tickling fingertips, forcing even more laughs and begging from the helpless woman. Francesca now binds Kristiana in more straps, including a devious toe binder to trap Kristiana’s ticklish feet even more. Kristiana giggles, screams and begs for Francesca to stop. But Francesca has so many sensitive targets to attack now – feet, knees, neck and ribs. Kristiana can’t escape – she’s sure sorry now that she stole her friend’s gig! Francesca is the perfect tickling tormenter, and Kristiana has the super sexy husky voiced laughter. Both women are off-the-scale hot, and show off their hard bodies in sexy bikinis.

Duration: 9:26.242
Size: 645,467 Mb

Download – Kristiana and Francesca Le – Francesca’s Payback

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