SlammCreations – Mary Jane and Kasie Cavanaugh – Mary Jane Meets the Ticklebot

Sweet Mary Jane did something that upset Mr. Big, and he’s determined to punish her. He sends his sexy tickling robot (ticklebot) Mistress Kasie to attack the helpless woman. Mary Jane is bound to the bed with thick leather cuffs, which are secured by locks. Her arms are cuffed and locked above her head and her ankles are strapped to the bottom corners. Wearing only a tiny bikini, she’s helpless, exposed and totally available to the sexy, muscular ticklebot who is dressed in a sexy bikini, fingerless leather gloves and mirrored sunglasses. He tells the sexy robot to subject Mary Jane to an entire night’s worth of tickling torment. Mistress Kasie goes to work, first planting a sexy kiss on Mary Jane’s lips and then diving in on Mary Jane’s armpits. Uh oh – it turns out that our heroine is insanely ticklish, and the ticklebot attacks, going after her armpits, ribs, flat stomach, thighs and sensitive bare feet, using her fingertips and tongue to probe and tickle. Mary Jane screams, laughs, and struggles to escape, but there’s just no way! She begs the sexy robot to stop, but the robot has no feelings, no remorse and continues on its mission, taking the occasional preprogrammed random break. It kisses Mary Jane at certain intervals, its tongue diving deep into Mary Jane’s unenthusiastic mouth. After a time, the robot uses a fingertip massaging vibrator and an electric toothbrush to ticklishly torment poor Mary Jane. Finally, the ticklebot uses its sexy muscular physique to hold Mary Jane in its embrace, and not only tickles but sensuously caresses and kisses Mary Jane. Can Mary Jane escape from this unstoppable tickler? Mary Jane struggles hard and laughs in ticklish torment, and Kasie is awesome as the relentless ticker. Both models are super sexy in their bikinis, with lots of bare feet and soles!

Duration: 23:21.655
Size: 1 676,02 Mb

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