SlammCreations – Olivia Chase, Francesca Le and Mary Jane Green – Two Lovers in Ticklish Trouble

Bikini-clad sexpots Francesca and Olivia are having a torrid make-out session when they are interrupted by sweet, innocent Mary Jane. Mary Jane suggests that she could help them have even more fun, which the two lovers happily agree to.  Soon, Francesca and Olivia are bound spreadeagled to the bed in a double X configuration, only able to touch each other at the wrist and ankle in the center of the bed, unable to kiss and make out anymore.  Olivia complains that this position is not fun.  Mary Jane says “Of course it’s fun – for me!”  Mary Jane begins tickling her captives’ tummies…”She tricked us!” Francesca is able to blurt out between her giggles.  Mary Jane now has two helpless women bound to a bed, scantily clad and super ticklish, and she explores each of their most sensitive spots!  She uses her sharp fingernails to rake and caress the ticklish captives’ armpits and necks, forcing them to jump and squeal.  She even uses her bare toes to tickle the bound ladies!  Olivia and Francesca try to regain control of their situation by “forgiving” Mary Jane.  But Mary Jane demands kisses from the helpless ladies, which Olivia readily agrees to.  But Francesca refuses, which gets a concentrated bout of tickling from Mary Jane, until she does agree to kiss her.  Mary Jane acts hurt that both women didn’t kiss her sincerely.  So, she renews her tickle attack, this time on their sensitive bare feet and soles, which really drive the women into hysterics.  Mary Jane is in control, and she uses it to get what she wants.  Perhaps she’s not as sweet and innocent as she comes across!  Three all-time great fetish models, super sexy, bikinis, bare feet, tickling and kissing – what more could you ask for?

Duration: 15:11.927
Size: 1 060,638 Mb

Download – Olivia Chase, Francesca Le and Mary Jane Green – Two Lovers in Ticklish Trouble

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