SlammCreations – Sharon Kane and Mary Jane Green – Mary Jane’s Ticklish Mistress

Mistress Sharon is in a bind, tightly bound spread-eagled to a bed in locked leather cuffs. Earlier she had lovingly tickle-punished her favorite submissive, Mary Jane, for going on a date with a man without getting permission.  Now, Mary Jane’s beau has captured the Mistress and placed her in the same position and situation as his girl was previously! Sharon’s struggles are ineffective, and now she can only hope one of her subs finds and releases her. But, the sub that finds her is sweet Mary Jane.  The Mistress orders Mary Jane to unlock her. But for Mary Jane, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!  So, she takes advantage of her Mistress’ predicament, and licks her toe! Well, it appears that Mistress Sharon is very sensitive to the touch, and despite her Mistress’ order, Mary Jane mischievously produces a long silky feather and runs it along Sharon’s ticklish body!  Sharon is even more ticklish than Mary Jane, and the sub takes advantage, tickling the helpless mistress all over. Just when Sharon thinks she has control over Mary Jane again, the sub finds an electric toothbrush conveniently available. Sharon recoils at the mere sight of the instrument, and really starts to worry when Mary Jane innocently turns it on!Sharon’s ticklish feet are suddenly under attack from the vibrating bristles expertly brandished by the sub. Mistress Sharon laughs, squirms and giggles, but can’t escape from her sub’s expert tickling application. Now Mary Jane moves into a more sensuous tickle, using her fingertips all over the hapless Mistress, forcing more giggles and squirms. Sharon warms to her sub’s ministrations, and eventually Mary Jane gives her a kiss and asks for her Mistress’ forgiveness.  Will Mistress Sharon forgive Mary Jane? Since she’s still bound helplessly, perhaps that would be a good idea, unless she wants to be tickled some more!

Duration: 10:32.333
Size: 750,074 Mb

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