SlammCreations – Stacy Burke and Goldie Blair – Goldie Tickles Stacy

Simple and straightforward – ticklee Stacy, wearing a sexy bikini, is bound on the floor in a blue rope hogtie, her exposed feet and body at the mercy of the sexy bikini-clad tickler Goldie!  Goldie uses her fingers to explore every sensitive spot of the helpless, ticklish Stacy. Ribs, neck, back, knees and of course soles are probed and caressed, drawing giggles, laughter and occasionally screams! Stacy wriggles and struggles to avoid Goldie’s fluttering fingers. Goldie teases and occasionally digs in on her lovely ticklee, loving hearing the begging and squealing! Lots of sexy views of Stacy’s famous body, and Goldie loves to concentrate of Stacy’s lovely feet and soles!

Duration: 8:26.082
Size: 526,281 Mb

Download – Stacy Burke and Goldie Blair – Goldie Tickles Stacy

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