SlammCreations – Tomiko and Hollywould – Read the Fine Print

Holly is enjoying walking around a seedy carnival when she comes upon a unique sideshow.  A lovely woman dressed in sexy lingerie, tightly hogtied in leather restraints and gagged with a mouth filling ball gag is under a sign that reads TICKLE TORTURE TOMIKO. Wow, what an unusual attraction; 15 minutes and only for a few credits! There’s a table full of implements available to use for tickling as well! Holly can’t resist this opportunity, and unbuckles the gag from the helpless Tomiko’s mouth.  Tomiko is scantily clad and totally exposed, and desperately tries to talk her customer out of tickling her, but Holly grabs an electric toothbrush and dives in, tickling Tomiko’s bare feet and soles.  Tomiko immediately laughs, squeals and squirms, trying to escape the ticklish sensations, but she’s totally helpless. Holly is definitely enjoying herself, and uses the vibrating toothbrush to tickle Tomiko all over her exposed body. Tomiko offers to pay Holly more credits to let her go, but Holly ignores her and now dives into Tomiko’s soles with her fingers. Her sharp nails rake Tomiko’s bare soles, and Tomiko is racked by tormenting belly laughs. Holly is lost in the joy of tickling the helpless attraction. Then, Holly teases Tomiko by donning a three fingered vibrator right in front of her.  Tomiko’s ticklish terror is heightened even more when Holly applies the vibrating fingers once again to her bare skin. Then Holly notices that her 15 minutes of fun is running out, and not only uses the vibrator but the toothbrush as well, onto Tomiko’s helplessly ticklish soles! Holly sadistically enjoys every second of Tomiko’s ticklish misery, right up until the sideshow’s proprietor arrives and orders her to cease tickling Tomiko.  Apparently, there’s a fine print statement on the sign she read at the beginning of the show that states that something horrible will happen to the customer if they go past the time limit…and uh oh, Holly’s way past it! Tomiko’s in black bra and panties, Holly’s in a bikini, and both women are barefoot in this tickling extravaganza!

Duration: 12:13.452
Size: 793,784 Mb

Download – Tomiko and Hollywould – Read the Fine Print

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