SoleImagePhotography – 18yo Macy In The Tickle Chair

Macy contacted me about doing a tickle shoot for some extra holiday cash. She was in town on holiday break from college and we were able to connect before the holiday. She was really nervous at first but after some warming up, her ticklishness really came out. This one is more of a slow burn at first because she was nervous but I was able to get some really good reactions from her! I start the clip with her arms cuffed above her head and her feet locked in the stocks. I eventually free her arms once I warm up her soles. I’ll be posting an upperbody clip soon and she’s VERY ticklish under her arms! She’s already agreed to come back if people like her so please let me know!

Length: 25:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – 18yo Macy In The Tickle Chair

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