SolesScreamExperience – We Want to Sit Too!

Indica and Kitty are relaxing and waiting for their chronically late friends to come over. Mia and Vicky arrive and are dismayed to see the entire couch taken up by a sprawling Indica. They ask Indica if she’d move, but she insists that she is comfortable and suggest the two sit on the floor.

Vicky and Mia proceed to sit on Indica and what takes place is a struggle for the couch. Indica is determined not to give up her spot, no matter the risk. Kitty tries to watch the TV and voices her annoyance over the proceedings.

Will Indica yield to the tickle by Mia and Vicky, will Kitty finally enjoy the movie in piece?

Length: 10:11
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – We Want to Sit Too!

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