SolleticoTickling – Pamela Strong hogtied

The tickler has hogtied Pamela Strong, in order to complete the exploration of her sensitivity in different positions. Pamela starts face down: the tickler attacks her sides with fingers, showing how much Pamela is ticklish on these spots; digging in her flesh, the tickler keeps Pamela laughing. After tickling her armpits, breast and tummy, the tickler turns Pamela up and takes a feather: the feather caresses her sides and teases the bellybutton. Pamela is put again face down, so the tickler can use the feather on her feet, caressing their bottom and going between the toes. The feather goes back toward the upper body, stopping a bit on her butt, between the butt cheeks, before to be used on her sides, breast, neck and even in Pamela’s ear, ticklish like the rest of her body. During all the time, Pamela alternates between giggles, moans and shrieks of laughter. The tickler is going back to the feet, when Pamela, with a coup de theatre, sets herself free and take tickler’s neck with her strong scissor: the tickler can do nothing but tickling Pamela to make her open her scissor: will he succeed?

Length: 9:01
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Pamela Strong hogtied

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