Ohhhhh I like how you thought it was over. Since Kitty Quinn wanna crash my tickle shoot with Alya Aysel, I figured why stop at foot tickling ? And with that being said, it officially turned into a full-on versus battle between these 2 ticklish models. Ayla is up first to be tied for Kitty to have her way with her. And Kitty didn’t hold back, even though it doesn’t take much for get Alya going. She’s THAT ticklish. Kittys nails all over her armpits, belly, neck, knees and anywhere else on her sexy curvy body was enough to tap out! And fun fact.. this is just part 1. After you watch this you’ll be excited for part 2 that’s coming soon. Enjoy part 1 now!

Length: 5:15
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – AYLA VS KITTY – AYLA – PART 1

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