TheBKTickler – Bella And The Foot Stocks

Another moment that was a long time coming. I finally get to meet the belle from texas… Bella luxx!! And she was excited to be locked in the foot stocks, if you can believe it. I slowly started on her soles, which sent a surge through her body. But she enjoyed how slow I was going because I like to nice to models when I work with them for the first time. But that all changed the oil was applied to her soles. I saw the fear in her eyes. But that didn’t stop me from wrecking her soles with my fingers and cause her into a frenzy of laughter. My evil ass had to up the ante and use the spike ball and tickle wand at the same to get the bigger reaction out of her because I she was starting to look at me like I was crazy and started to wonder what did she get herself into… which is the perfect reaction that I wanted out of her. And there’s more. Once I blindfolded her, that’s when felt she was in trouble.. i applied the flosser and that didn’t get much of a reaction, but out of nowhere, I got with the hairbrush and tickle mitt.. which where I hit the jackpot! Another new clip that’s mandatory to add to your collection. Available now!

Length: 15:12
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Bella And The Foot Stocks

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