TheBKTickler – Catherine Vs Indica – Indica – Full Body (part 2)

Catherine Foxx was having so much fun with indica. And I love being behind the camera when it was happening. But now it was time for me to jump in. We started at indica’s super ticklish feet. And I got to experience for the first time how ticklish they really are. 10 fingers on each foot was too much for her to handle. But that didn’t stop us from continuing the intense tickling given to her soles. Then we used some tools like the tickle mitt and the wands. And the fact that she didn’t from that alone has me baffled to this day. Next up was that upper body. She was still worn out from Catherine’s solo upperbody tickling. But now I got involved in that.. uh oh. All that tickling that was given to her belly… especially the dual raspberries given to it, she was praying that it was over. But I wasn’t. I got to find out how ticklish her cute ass is. And we got to use the wands on it. And I can see she was getting turned on by that. And Catherine and I decided to seal the deal with a hitachi to her pussy.. which cause her to climax a few times…while tickling was still being done to her. These details will have you sold on buying this new tickle video. Available now

Length: 25:39
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Catherine Vs Indica – Indica – Full Body (part 2)

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