TheBKTickler – Fina’s Tickle Table Debut – Feet

Goddess Fina. A model that has been around abort a little while and made a huge name for herself.. especially in the tickle department. And it’s great that she did. Because that’s when I noticed her and that she was coming NYC. So I had get her. Long story short, she’s one of the most ticklish models that I ever came across. So when we met, she didn’t noticed that her size 9 1/2 feet was gonna deal with a different type of tickler. I came to play, at the same time, I didn’t come there for games… no bondage was involved, so we both were in for a challenge. And with her high level of ticklishness, you will see… by purchasing now.

Length: 13:35
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Fina’s Tickle Table Debut – Feet

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