TheBKTickler – Flordah’s Tickle Table Debut

So flordah has done well so far during her very first tickle shoot. But it’s not over yet. Now her petite body lays on the tickle table for more. She starts to cringe when I start slowly going toward her armpits. She started moving her arms around to the point where already a bondage malfunction. But I fixed that quick and got back to work. Then I got went on her elbows and it became nothing but silent laughter already. She really started to feel it when I went for the “weenie” (the inner elbows). She’s aware of the term but she didn’t have a clue how ticklish she was there until today. Then shot right for the armpits cause her to buck all over the place. Especially when I unleashed the tickle wands there. Causing a cute raspy scream. I began to move my fingers on her ribs like she was being given a deep-tissue massage… but it tickled like hell! Then the thumb-and-knuckle technique came into play.. “AAAAAHHHHH! OK! OK!” Was all I was hearing from her. I believe she felt that she had enough.. but it wasn’t up for her to decide. Then that came technique, this time with the tickle mits, was causing her to scream for the lord. The wand to the legs and thighs wasn’t doing much.. so I put it back to sides where the jackpot was originally. And that’s before I decided to go after every spot I can non-stop at once. Let this new video be a Christmas gift from me to you.

Length: 20:04
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Flordah’s Tickle Table Debut

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