TheBKTickler – Kitty Vs Gigi Kitty And The Foot Stocks

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! I finally to meet the oh-so-ticklish kitty Quinn. We missed each other the last time I was in Tampa. But that didn’t happen today. For woman that loves tickling, she was nervous to meet me. And I was nervous too. But it didn’t stop me from going HAM on those soles of hers. She was locked in the stocks in her heels. So I started to tease her tickling on top of her feet. Which got a great react. Then I took the heels off. That’s when the real games Began. Before you knew it, my fingers were all over her soles, which got her shaking uncontrollably. But then I got help. From who ? The legend herself……. MILF GIGI! It’s been a dream of mine to work with her. But right, she’s my tickle partner against kitty. Once Gigi joined in, all bets were off. We just whipped out every tool that was on display and then we—- u know what ? It’s better for you check out this video to see what happens next. Yeah that good and intense about what’s gonna happen next to her. You will enjoy this.

Length: 9:22
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Kitty Vs Gigi Kitty And The Foot Stocks

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